Lil Uzi Announces Official Breakup With Girlfriend Brittany Byrd

Over the weekend, Lil Uzi tweeted that he was officially breaking up with his girlfriend, Brittany Byrd.

(AllHipHop News) The Philadelphia rapper, who made the XXL Freshman List for 2016, made the announcement that they had called it quits.

He then followed up by releasing the new song “Stole Your Luv.”

The rapper later deleted the tweets, but left the “Single” tweet up for fans.

Rumors started to swirl around why Lil Uzi and Brittany broke up, with most of the chatter clauding the rapper’s girlfriend allegedly cheated on him.

Uzi came out to deny those allegations quickly.

The break up lead to a long afternoon of fans mourning the end of the rapper’s relationship.

Uzi and Brittany even started to trend on Twitter following the bad news.

On the upside for Lil Uzi fans, the song “Stole Your Luv” also includes the revelation that Uzi is dropping a mixtape soon.

Check out Uzi’s single below.