Lil Uzi Loses Lawsuit For Keeping Promoter's Money

Lil Uzi pockets will be a little lighter thanks to a default judgment, but it probably won't matter.

(AllHipHop News) This year, Lil Uzi Vert raked in $19.5 million of dollars, landing him on Forbes' annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list for 2018.

Apparently, a mere $30,000 is nothing to Uzi, because he blew off a lawsuit with a concert promoter, and now it's going to cost him at least that much.

The Philly rhymester was sued by a company called VelleBe, over a show he missed in March of 2017 in South Padre Island, Texas.

The lawsuit claims Lil Uzi cancelled on the day of the concert, and kept the promoter's $40,000 deposit.

VelleBe claims the rap star's bill was further run up, do to Uzi's tour rider, which stipulated promoters had to deliver the rapper food, drink and the "finest stickiest green" upon his arrival.