Lil Wayne Addresses Recent Anti-Heat Rant; Refuses To Apologize For Chris Bosh Comments

(AllHipHop News) After his recent on stage rant against the NBA and Miami Heat players, Lil Wayne appears to have had a change of heart (kind of). The Young Money leader called into Miami radio station 99 Jamz and confessed that he was sober during his rant, yet he had "too much to think" that night.

But the rapper doesn't apologize for being who he is.

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Wayne did take back the comment he made aimed at LeBron James admitting he is cool with both James and his mother, but he refused to take back saying he slept with the wife of James' teammate Chris Bosh.

"Other than that though, I don't take nothing back," Wayne tells 99.1's Felisha Monet. "That was at my party. On my stage. I can say whatever I want sweetheart."

Even though Wayne refused to backtrack saying he had sex with Adrienne Bosh, he does offer amends to the city of Miami.

"As far as the city of Miami, I do want to apologize for the misunderstanding... that everybody thinking I got something against the city, because that's totally, totally, totally, wrong. I mean these people accepted me with open arms since day one."

Wayne goes on to claim that his beef is not with the citizens of South Beach, but rather with certain players on the Heat. He reveals that he paid $1.5 million a season for his seats at the American Airlines Arena and that allows him to root for the players he's fans of and heckler those he's not as fond of.

He also goes on to explain the riff with the Miami Heat stemmed from an on the floor encounter with Dwayne Wade where the two exchanged expletives towards each other.

"Y'all don't 'f" with me. I don't 'f' with y'all. Y'all don't 'f' with me. He look me dead in my eye and his exact words was, 'we don't'," Wayne recalls on the conversation with Wade. "So I said, 'okay, well 'f' you then'. He say [sic], 'well 'f' you'... From that point on it's 'f' everything about the Heat."

Despite tweeting that the Heat got police to make him leave the arena that day, Wayne does acknowledge during the call that he was not removed from the venue.

After hearing that he could be asked to leave, Wayne went and spoke with someone associated with the Heat to ask if he was about to be escorted out. Wayne says he was told that he had been seen giving an "obscene gesture" to a fan and it was requested that he not repeat that action again.

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Apparently, Wayne had given the middle finger to a nearby fan, but according to Wayne the whole exchange was done in jest and both he and the fan laughed about the situation. Already angry about the earlier incident with Wade, Wayne voluntarily left the arena.

As far as Wayne's claim that he was "banned" by the NBA, he speaks on his removal from several planned activities during All-Star weekend including being a participant in one of Gerald Green's dunks during the slam dunk competition and performing with Alicia Keys during halftime of the All-Star game.

Wayne says he spoke with NBA commissioner David Stern about why he was not allowed to participate during All-Star weekend. According to Wayne, Stern suggested to him the reasoning was because "we want to protect the players from you."

You can listen to the entire interview in the videos below.