Lil' Wayne And Nivea: A Happy Couple

Pop princess Nivea has come forth to declare that she and Cash Money Millionaire Lil’ Wayne are a serious couple.

The singer, who got her big break on Mystikal’s “Danger,” refused to admit that she and Wayne were engaged, as insiders have speculated. But she did acknowledge that the pair was excited to be together and are currently working towards a fruitful union.

“Well I can tell you that, yes, we are together. And that’s about it. I just read like our first little bad rumor thing, we knew it was coming, but I just heard it on, and I was like, “Uhhh!” and we both laughed about it. It’s whatever, it’s crazy,” Nivea said laughing.

Despite the talk, Nivea told AllHipHop that the rumors fail to anger her or her boo.

“We was laughing about it. He was like, ‘Whatever. Love You. Bye.’” That’s the end of it. We are trying to maintain. It’s hard, but we’re doing it,” she said. “We’re really trying to make it work.”

Like the constant chatter of gossipmongers, Nivea said the inquiring minds of the media nor the haters would stop the pair from achieving romantic bliss.

“The media is just now knowing about it. We didn’t want them to say anything. The haters come pouring like rain, but I’m tired of the question. I’m like, ‘Look, yes! We are together. We are dating. Yes, we see each other whenever we can. You know, whatever.’” And we’re happy.