Lil Wayne Associate Cuban Harry Accused Of Robbing Pharmacies To Make and Sell Lean On The Net


A Hip-Hop producer in Miami is facing some serious allegations, after being charged with orchestrating dozens of burglaries, in an attempt to be the king of “lean.”

by Mike Winslow

(AllHipHop News) Producer Cuban Harry, born Harrison Garcia, is accused of using his Instagram account to sell his lean, which is a powerful mixture of soda or juice, codeine and promethazine.

Cuban Harry, who is associated with Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money and Chris Brown, also goes by the name Muhammad_A_Lean on his social media accounts.

According to the Miami Herald, Cuban Harry masterminded dozens of robberies at pharmacies. The businesses were targeted for painkillers, which Cuban Harry then allegedly used to cook up his own sizzurp.

He became the subject of investigation almost a year ago, when the Feds realized he was using his Instagram account to sell his lean. Cuban Harry was eventually caught in a drug sting, when he sold $4,000 worth of lean to an undercover agent on two separate occasions.

Police eventually raided his house and found two pounds of marijuana. Cuban Harry eventually took them to a stash house where more money, guns and drugs were found.

He’s accused of using the proceeds to hobnob with popular rappers, drive exotic cars and travel internationally.

Cuban Harry is charged with racketeering, grand theft, and trafficking in illegal drugs.

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No. 1-1

Our "ex" police chief in Columbia, SC just got arrested in Florence. Drug charges, firearms (DEA) stolen vehicle with two people on the hotel with him with warrants out of NC. You think he's gonna get 30 years?

Shoot most people who kill someone get 25 if that. Let this man go with time served and probation. Just because he has tattoos or looks a certain way don't mean a damn. Someone who used to be in my family got 10 years and they have a longer rap sheet then his. Stole a car, evading police, had drugs, warrants. You name it - he just didn't care. Time to get a new lawyer if this lawyer doesn't do the job.

And don't get me started on rappers ( wayne etc.) who buy drugs, they got every city set.We all knows it happens. I know first hand. Enough said.