Lil Wayne & Chief Keef Named The Most Profane Music Artists In New Lyrics Study

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop News) At one point Lil Wayne referred to himself as "the best rapper alive." The Young Money leader is now being called the most profane artist of all time. A study conducted by Varun Jewalikar and Federica Fragapane for Musixmatch determined Wayne has the highest count of swear words in his lyrics.

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According to the report, Wayne used 3960 profanities throughout his 12 albums analyzed. His most popular obscenity is "n*gga," followed by "b*tch" and "f*ck." Number 2 on the list was 2Pac (3724 profanities). Snoop Dogg (3535), Busta Rhymes (3474), and T.I. (2932) rounded out the top 5.

Obviously, the fact the top five artists listed in the study had a combined 55 albums and 940 tracks analyzed would affect the total number of profanities used in comparison to other artists with fewer releases. So Musixmatch also looked at the most frequent use of swear words in songs.

Among the 361 artists studied, Chief Keef used profanities most frequently. The Chicago rapper has 1 profanity for every 20 words in his lyrics. "B*tch," "sh*t," and "n*gga" were Keef's leading three curse words. Dr. Dre (1 profanity/21 words), N.W.A. (1/22), A$AP Rocky (1/23), and Young Thug (1/25) were also high on the most frequent use of swear words list.

The most googled artists for each genre of music were selected for the study. Only the lyrics from studio albums were analyzed. Hip Hop led both the "highest swear word count" and "most frequent use of swear words" lists by far over other genres. However, another Musixmatch study conducted in 2015 showed Hip Hop artists dominated the list of music acts with the largest vocabulary.

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