Lil Wayne Clarifies Mixtape Comments, But Calls Out DJ's

 Rapper Lil Wayne appeared on DJ Drama’s Shade 45 Sirius satellite radio show last night (May 30) and cleared up controversial remarks made about mixtape DJ’s.

The rapper called into The Aphilliates show as DJ Drama was interviewing producer/rapper/actor David Banner.

Lil Wayne responded to the comments he made in a recent interview with mixtape publication The Foundation Magazine.

“I am against it. I am anti-mixtape,” Lil Wayne told TheFoundation Magazine. “I don’t know no mixtape DJ’s. If you’re a mixtape DJ, f**k ya. I am pissed off at the mixtape game. They suckin’ my d**k but won’t let me cum.”

Last night the rapper apologized to DJ’s worldwide and told DJ Drama that he did not mean to make a blanket statement that included all DJ’s.

He did however, take the maker’s of the Wayne’s World series of mixtapes to task.

“I didn’t mean to disrespect no DJ, no mixtape DJ, it was never no disrespect," Lil’ Wayne clarified before shouting out Core DJ coalition Founder Tony Neal. "Given the fact that me and Drama, me and Khaled and me and my homie Raj Smoov from New Orleans, we all get it in and do the mixtape thing. Things are blown out of proportion.”

The rapper’s apologetic tone then turned into anger, as he explained the events that precipitated his controversial comments to TheFoundation Magazine.

“What I do wanna say is who ever got soft spirit or whoever took what I said what ever way that wanted to take it and feel some kind of way, I want you to know, please do not feel differently after you hear me on this radio,” Lil’ Wayne told DJ Drama. “I want you to still feel f**k me, I want you to still feel f**k that n***a, cause when you see me in the streets that’s what I want it to be and I'ma bite your f**king face off.”

He then called out the creators of the Wayne’s World mixtape series, which are being produced by DJ Keyz and DJ Pratt, of Worldwide Legacy.

While Lil Wayne called out a DJ Empire or “them Empire n***as,” it appears he was referring to Worldwide Legacy’s brand of mixtapes.

There is a series of Lil Wayne mixtape’s produced by The Empire, however, that run is titled The Drought is Over, which itself is a four-part mix of Lil Wayne’s music.

“I f**ks with every DJ I f**ks with. But this Empire n***a, I don’t f**k with him. For all DJ’s just letting you know All that shit was meant to that Empire n***a. I don’t f**k with them Empire n***as. The n***a put out a CD on me every month and I couldn’t tell you how none of them n***as look in person.”

The rapper then explained that purchased a copy of Wayne’s World Volume 7 and took offense to the mixtape’s contents.

“These n***as was on volume seven. Plus you gotta understand when I put the disc in, these n***as on there talking like ‘yo n***a this our seventh time around what’s good and these n***as hating on us. If you made the Wayne’s WorldVolume 1-7 your mama's a b**ch. And if you the Empire n***a, I hope you die twice tomorrow. But every other DJ I f**k with you and I wouldn’t be shit without to tell the truth.”

Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated album Tha Carter III is due in stores June 10.