Lil Wayne Confirms Lauren London Pregnancy

AllHipHop Staff

Superstar Lil Wayne continues to remain active, as the rapper verified his work on a new Carter album and the completion of his rock LP The Rebirth.

In an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show, Wayne detailed the current status of his latest projects, and which one fans can expect first.

“The Rebirth is actually finished. I’m never finished with The Carters; I’m always working on those,” Wayne explained. “We just don’t want to drop nothing right now because of the Young Money thing. I don’t want to overshadow them. I need them to shine [and] it’s their time. We have a new Young Money single called 'Girl You Know.””

Addressing rumors, Wayne cleared up the whisperings regarding his relationship with actress Lauren London.

“[Lauren] is very fine, sexy, [and] very pregnant, yes,” Wayne clarified. “That’s not rumors, that’s a kid! That’s a child, a life! You don’t hide from that.”

With Young Money’s roster quickly expanding, Wayne revealed information on when the public can expect Drake’s anticipated debut.

“Man, that boy clumsy, this dude fall every 5 minutes! He’s like the coolest dude on the songs but he can’t walk a straight line! Nah, I’m just playing,” Wayne joked. “Next Drake is dropping an album. Most likely this year or the top of next year. But he’s crazy, it doesn’t matter. But he’s crazy. He can drop in the next two years and it still is going to be the hottest.”

At press time, Wayne has not disclosed a set release date for The Rebirth.

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