Lil Wayne Denies He Hates White People In Ongoing Lawsuit

Weezy is fighting for his good reputation after a bouncer claimed the rapper is a racist.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Lil Wayne made headlines when he famously exclaimed that racism did not exist in this world, and he really did mean it.

The rapper has filed a response to a lawsuit filed by a white security guard, who sued Lil Wayne for a hate crime.

Andrew Nunemacher filed the lawsuit in June of 2017, after he was beat down by Weezy’s crew during the BET Award Weekend in June 2016.

Lil Wayne and an entourage were trying to get into Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip.

The rappers accused of becoming irritated when he could not gain immediate access to the venue and ended up in a fight with Nunemacher.

In his lawsuit, Andrew Nunemacher labeled the attack a hate crime because Lil Wayne through a glass filled with alcohol in his face and yelled “F##k you white boy.”

According to TheBlast, Lil Wayne is asking for the lawsuit to be tossed, claiming Nunemacher was acting negligent at the door.

Furthermore, Lil Wayne maintains that he acted within the limits of self-defense and acted in a “careful” and “reasonable” manner and defending himself against an aggressive Nunemacher.

Lil Wayne is asking to toss the $25,000 lawsuit.

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