Lil' Wayne Denies Romantic Links To Trina, Other Women

Cash Money Records rapper/president Lil' Wayne has dismissed recent reports that he and Miami rapper Trina have rekindled their romance.

The former lovers reunited on stage last month during Miami Live at club Santos in front of a packed crowd, during Lil' Wayne's rendition of his song "Prostitute Flange."

Trina was in the audience when Lil' Wayne pointed her out during his performance and called her on the stage.

At one point during their performance, the two gazed into each others eyes during a tearful reunion in front of the audience.

Despite their past past relationship and rumors that the two are back together, Lil Wayne' said he and Trina are still "unquestionably platonic" friends.

Lil' Wayne also denied any romantic link to another woman he was photographed leaving Santos with the same evening, which sparked gossip that he may be involved in a a love triangle.

The lyrics to the recently released song titled "Did It Before" featuring Kanye West also features Wayne rapping about multiple women, one named "Tammy" and the other "Lisa."

"Did It Before" is a raunchy, catchy single taken from Lil Wayne's album Tha Carter 3, which was recently leaked on the Internet and bootlegged as The Drought Is Over: Tha Carter 3 Sessions.

According to Lil' Wayne the song has brought negative attention to Lisa, an actress/model and friend featured in the video for Wayne's song "Shooter," which features Robin Thicke.

While the song mentions just the first name "Lisa," Lil' Wayne was clear that he was not referring to his actress/model friend.

"I worked with Lisa in the 'Shooter' video and I look forward to working with her again in the future," Lil' Wayne told in a statement. "I hope this statement will clear up any confusion and/or inconveniences."

Lil Wayne, who recently started playing the guitar, expects Tha Carter III to be in stores in 2008.