Lil Wayne Donates $200k to Community Restoration

AllHipHop Staff

Grammy award nominee Lil Wayne has donated $200,000 to rebuild New Orleans’ Harrell Park, the rap star’s childhood playground.

The area served as a trailer site for Sewerage and Water Board workers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The heavy equipment severely damaged the park’s track and field. Additionally, the vacant community center was ruined over time by squatters.

Wayne’s donation will not only restore the park from hazard conditions, but also be used for educational and recreational programs.

According to local New Orleans officials, Harrell Park is located in one of the city’s more violent neighborhoods.

While Wayne does not expect his gesture to completely revamp the community, he remains optimistic that it is a start that other rap stars can initiate in their own hometowns.

“You can't really tell them (kids) what to do these days,” Lil’ Wayne stated to Louisiana’s WWLTV. “When you tell them what to do, that's when they get angry when you tell them be like me because it's hard to be like me. So, the best thing you can tell them is try to do right.”

Today (January 12), the officials will vote on an estimate to repair the park’s damaged track and field.

Also joining in the initiative is Hornets star Chris Paul, who will be donating funds to three other park restoration projects around the city.

Wayne contribution is under his One Family Foundation, a non-profit which aims to empower youth through access to opportunities to develop their talents and aspirations.