Lil Wayne Drops 'Kobe Bryant' Song

AllHipHop Staff

Hours before the LA Lakers would go on to claim victory over the Orlando Magic in game one of the 2009 NBA Finals, Lil’ Wayne made it very clear who he was rooting for.

The Multi-platinum rapper and blogger released a new song on Wednesday night (June 3) simply titled “Kobe Bryant.”

The new track opens with sound bites attesting to Kobe’s domination of the game, starting with Bryant expressing how he is driven by his desire to be the best. Throughout the song,

Wayne praises the Lakers superstar, calling him “King Bryant” and drawing comparisons between themselves.

Obviously having picked up some verbiage from the guys at ESPN, Weezy addresses everything from Bryant’s crossover and jumper.

In one line, Lil’ Wayne even foreshadowed the results of last night’s match up, rapping “I drop 40 on your double team.”

Bryant contributed 40 points to the Lakers’ 100-75 victory over the Magic on Thursday (June 4).

In related news, 2K Sports revealed Thursday that Bryant will grace the cover of the 10th Anniversary edition of the popular NBA 2K franchise.

The announcement was made Thursday night in an exclusive Spike Lee TV ad, offering suggestions for better cover athletes and finally concluding that there is no better choice than the 11-time All-Star.

“It’s quite obvious why 2K Sports put Kobe Bryan on the cover of NBA 2k10, which is the best NBA video game,” commented Lee.

2K Sports is inviting fans to participate in the release, by having them vote for the official box cover.

The sport publishing arm of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. has created a dedicated voting site at, which offers fans a selection of four covers, including one featuring Bryant in a New York Knicks uniform, as suggested by die-hard Knicks Fan Lee in the new ad.

"I’ve been playing sports video games for as long as I can remember and honestly, I’ve never seen one come so close to replicating real basketball,” Bryant says. “What 2K Sports has done is truly incredible and I’m proud to be a partner with them and on the cover of NBA 2K10. 2K Sports is constantly improving and adding something new to their game every year that makes them better and better, and that’s exactly what I try to do each season with my game. It’s as if 2K Sports has been on a sports video game championship run for several years now, and I’m not even sure there’s a word for that kind of dominance.”

Voting for the final NBA 2K10 cover is open through June 15. The winning artwork will be revealed on June 16.

The Kobe will continue his quest for his fourth NBA Championship with the Lakers on Sunday, when they face the Orlando Magic at the Staples Center in LA.

The match up will be broadcast live on ABC at 8:00pm EST.