Lil’ Wayne Gives 30 Min Long PSA, Releases New Young Money Discover Card

AllHipHop News) New Orleans bred/Miami-based rapper Lil' Wayne recently took the time to give a public service announcement to his fans and most importantly, those who have followed his career over the years.

In a 30-minute video that includes a tour around his Miami home, Wayne pays tribute to the late Steve Jobs and then covers an assortment of topics.

From his use of promethazine and codeine prescription cough syrup, to his tattoos, to his affinity for cars, to skateboarding and jail, to his blood affiliation and the new Young Money Discover Card, Wayne covers it all, in an MTV Cribs like fashion.

At one point in the video, Wayne shows people his skateboarding skills, but admits that he is still learning, although he enjoys inspiring urban youth to get outside and try the sport.

“I don’t know how to skate yet, I’ll tell you, but I’m in the process of learning and I’m trying, and this is at my house.” Wayne explained about his love of skateboarding. “Rap, rock, singing, skating, I go hard.”

Wayne even described his brushes with the Bloods behind bars in New York’s Rikers Island prison.

“Speaking of the gang bang shit, when I first did my time, the first day I rolled in jail, they had two big ni**as came to my cell, pull me out my mothafu**a, put me in a pantry, closed the door, pulled my shirt up, with a magazine and everything and said you are a Blood.”

Showing his fans his studio and his house, Wayne gave fans an in-depth look at the world he is living in behind the scenes.

“This is all that matters,” Wayne said of his studio.

Philosophically Wayne asked people to search for a self-understanding and self-realization, by challenging themselves to understand why it is they do the things they do on a daily basis.

“Do what you do ladies and gentleman, and it do it well and know why you are doing it and don’t be afraid to believe in why you are doing it. And if so be it, Lil’ Wayne is the reason, and I ain’t just talking to kids and other people, I’m talking to rappers and athletes that grow their hair long,” Wayne explained enthusiastically.

Wayne concluded with a plug for his new Young Money Discover Card that hit markets recently.

“If you ain’t doing nothing ladies and gentleman, what you want to go and do is go get the new Young Money Discover Card, plug,” Wayne said as the camera zoomed in. “This right here is my new credit card, debit card, you don’t have to have a bank account for this, this is a prepaid card, deposit your money into it, you don’t need to have no good credit or anything like that. ”

Wayne finished by letting the fans know the new Tyga, Shannelle, Drake, Lil’ Twist and Birdman albums are on the horizon for release.