Lil' Wayne Hit With $1 Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Morgan U Incident

A woman who was trampled during a concert at Morgan State University featuring Lil' Wayne is suing the rapper for $1 million dollars, claiming she was injured after he threw a wad of money into the crowd.

Tyrique Layne filed the lawsuit yesterday (August 28) against Lil' Wayne, Cash Money Records, Universal Records and Lil' Wayne's touring company, Young Money Touring.

Layne and two other women were injured during an October 19, 2006 concert featuring Lil Wayne, after the popular rapper threw money into the college crowd, causing a mini-riot to break out.

Police pondered charging Lil' Wayne for the money throwing incident, but officials at Morgan State University opted to ban the rapper from the college campus permanently instead.

"It was as dangerous a thing to do as standing in a crowded movie theater and shouting, 'Fire,'" said Morgan State University spokesman Clinton Coleman.

According to the suit, Layne suffers from headaches, memory, loss, fatigue and neck and back pain.