Lil Wayne Loses In Court; 'Carter' Doc Greenlighted

AllHipHop Staff

A state court has refused to block the upcoming release of a new controversial documentary on Lil Wayne named The Carter.

The film is being released by QD3 Entertainment, a company owned by producer Quincy Jones III, which has also released Hip-Hop themed titles like Thug Angel,The Freshest Kids, the Beef series and others.

Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit against QD3 Entertainment, claiming the company reneged on a deal that would have allowed him to have approval over the films final cut.

The rapper reportedly took issue with certain scenes displaying his drug use in the documentary, which follows him all over the country and to Amsterdam.

According to the lawsuit, Lil Wayne’s manager reviewed The Carter in December and requested that the scenes in question be removed.

A second cut also failed to live to his manager’s expectations in January and the scenes in question were still in the film when it premiered during the Sundance Film Festival a few weeks later, prompting the lawsuit.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Mink denied a request for a preliminary injunction, paving for the way for QD3 to seed distribution for the project.

"We're very pleased with the court's decision," Quincy Jones III told Variety. "We made a great film, which was incredibly well received at Sundance, and showcases Lil Wayne's extraordinary talent."

The Carter, which was directed by Adam Bhala Lough, has no scheduled theatrical release date as of press time.