Lil Wayne, Oscar Grant and Hip-Hop

 Lil Wayne just finished a bid of 9 months in jail.T.I. just started a new bid of 11 months after serving.

Mike Vick served 23 months in jail.

The police officer that murdered Oscar Grant in cold blood was sentenced to 2 years in jail.

I'm back, b***hes. That's right, I said B***HES.

Want to know why I said it? Because that's what we are.

I'll include myself in there as well, because WE continue to get bucked down, beat down..basically exterminated all over the globe. And, I mean, Black people.

The death of Oscar Grant is continued proof that NOBODY cares or places a value on the Black life. WE, as people of color don't even value our own lives. How do I know?

Well, for one, a too many of us don't even know a brother was shot and killed unarmed on New Years day. This hasn't been widely publicized, but it has been news. And, it has been pushed heavy in the community at large, websites and other independent media.

The second is that the powers that ARE keep doing this.

Johannes Mehserle is a half a cop piece-of-S**T and he doesn't value our lives. Sure, he expressed regret, but everybody does that when they screw up royally. Dude pulled the trigger in such haste to use force that he didn't know it was his taser, AND THAT'S THE BEST CASE SCENARIO. The worst is that he simply blew Oscar Grant's 22-year-old body away. don't value your life. On the other side, with the judge, the same remains true. Last week, a judge sentenced Mehserle to two years in jail, shredding the possibility for justice in the twisted, turbulent case of Oscar Grant.

But wait, it gets worse. According to Davey D, the judge said something like Oscar caused his own death. REALLY? Did he willfully put a bullet in his own back and cause it to bounce off the concrete at the BART Train station, essentially shooting him again? These judges know they won't get checked. These cops know the system is protecting them too the fullest. There is no sense that there are real consequences to these unjust, immoral and plain old INHUMAN actions. But Mike Vick served about the same amount of time that ex-officer Mehserle will go on to serve. So you know, the value of the African American male is about the same as a couple dogs.

And then there are the rappers.


Nobody has anything to say.

What once was the CNN of the HOOD is now the equivalent to a bad reality show on FOX. You dudes are so busy shuckin' and jivin' for your money or sponsorships, you can't even say a good word about these brothers. Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Danroy Henry, Abner Louima, Amadou Dialo, Anthony Baez...need I say more? These cops are PIGS and they know they can be as sloppy as they want and somebody in a higher place is going to clean up the mess.

I look at T.I., Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and even the older ones with a real voice like Jay-Z. Sure, Jay can get down with Obama, but what about getting down to raise some awareness about Sean Bell. And, I understand, Jay did some things with Sean Bell. Commendable. But we have to continue to apply pressure.

The leaders.

Where are they? Where is the movement? Where is the proactive actions that can prevent this from happening on all levels? Jesse and Al are getting old and their tactics are even older. Funny, a few years ago, Nas said it was time to get those dudes out of the way and let people like him lead. Where is Nas since he wants to names. And where is The Game aka "Mr. F**k Jesse Jackson Because It Ain't About Race Now." Yeah, I remember that one, Game.

This here was just to get all the rage out that I feel. I am not the leader of the movement against the extermination of Black people.

I am just a soldier.

A soldier with no leader.

A soldier with no army to join.

To put this in perspective, even Bill O'Reilly was wrong when he predicted that the officer would eventually face heavy criminal charges. FML.