Lil Wayne Responds To Young Thug About 'Carter 6'; Young Thug Responds Back!

Lil Wayne Finally Responds To Young Thug About 'Carter 6'

Lil Wayne has stayed very quiet since Young Thug first announced his intentions to do Carter 6 through 10 in which Thug would replaces Lil Wayne in Tha Carter through Tha Carter V, Weezy has finally broken his silence at a night club in Mississippi last night.

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In our extended video, Wayne starts his response claiming that there is only one "Carter." Weezy also takes shots at anyone that reps the Rich Gang clique and finally adds.

Before I go any further, I want y’all to do me a favor and stop listening to songs of n—as that pose naked on they motherf–king album cover.

Tunechi told a crowd during a show in Mississippi on Thursday night at Freelon's Bar & Groove.

Watch the extended video below:

Young Thug responds back with kindness with his latest IG post toward Lil Wayne: