Lil Wayne's Alleged Drug Dealer Pens Open Letter

Another member of a drug gang who allegedly robbed pharmacies and sold drugs to celebrities is about to go on trial.

(AllHipHop News) A member of a drug gang who targeted pharmacies in Miami and allegedly sold drugs to Lil Wayne is denying federal charges against him.

In August, the alleged ringleader of the gang, Cuban Harry, born Harry Garcia, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Cuban Harry was convicted of leading the drug ring, which prosecutors claimed targeted pharmacies for various prescription medications, which was then turned into the popular drink "lean."

Darrish Bernard Martin, AKA Young Bernie, who was an alleged member of the gang with Cuban Harry, is scheduled to go on trial soon.

Young Bernie wrote a lengthy letter that was published in the Miami New Times, and like Cuban Harry, Bernie claims he never sold the drugs and was simply an addicted user.

"Purple drank, I love it a lot, I actually drank four bottles a day," Young Bernie said. "It makes me feel better than ever. Never did I sell bottles, my use only. And four bottles still was not enough."

Young Bernie is making the same claims Cuban Harry used as a defense during his trial , although he admitted selling $15,000 worth of the drug to Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and other celebrities in Southern Florida.

However, Young Bernie, 26, believes investigators do not have a credible case against him.

The cops say otherwise.

Investigators had placed tracking devices on stolen bottles of lean, which were connected to a car driven by Young Bernie.

Prosecutors say they also found pictures from Young Bernie's social media account and matched the serial numbers to stolen bottles of prescription narcotics.

Young Bernie is facing felony charges that include grand theft of a controlled substance, burglary, and racketeering.