Lil' Wayne's Lawyer Says Arrest A Misunderstanding

Lil' Wayne was released from prison in Boise, Idaho on $20,000 bail on Saturday evening (October 6) and according to the rapper's attorney, his client's incarceration was the result of a "misunderstanding."

Police arrested Lil' Wayne early Saturday morning following a concert at the Qwest Arena, after authorities in Fulton County, Georgia issued a felony arrest warrant because he missed two scheduled court dates to answer a charge of felony possession of drugs.

His lawyer William Head filed for an emergency release order, claiming that Lil' Wayne may not have been aware of the court dates.

"When someone's this successful, there are chances things will fall through the cracks," Lil' Wayne's attorney William Head told Atlanta's Fox Channel 5. "They were under the impression that those charges had either been resolved or dismissed."

The charges are the result of an incident in August of 2006, when Lil' Wayne was arrested on drug possession charges in Atlanta Georgia, after a housekeeper found marijuana in his hotel room.

Police later searched the room and recovered 60 pills of Alprazolam and 59 pills of hydrocodone.

Lil' Wayne, born Dwayne Michael Carter, was arrested and charged with felony possession of drugs.

The rapper is due back in court in Fulton County tomorrow (October 9).

"We want to make sure the court knows he's not trying to stay away from Georgia," Head said.

Thousands of angry fans bombarded the local jail housing the rapper.

"Every other phone call that we've picked up have been about him — people who have tickets wanting to know where his concert will be, people calling to see if it's true that he's incarcerated," a deputy told Boise's KTVB Channel 7.

In related news, thousands of fans in Eugene, Oregon were disappointed Saturday evening when Lil' Wayne missed a scheduled concert appearance at the Gods of Hip-Hop and Comedy Tour at McArthur Court.

The concert was promoted by the University of Oregon and local Hip-Hop radio station 94.9 Jamz.

According to reports, the crowd was "crude" to other acts on the bill, including opening acts, as well as host Charlie Murphy and rapper Fat Joe.

Murphy threw his microphone down and angrily exited the stage after 20 minutes of tormenting, while Fat Joe was subjected to cries of "Weezy" during his set, which lasted a little longer than Murphy's performance.