Lil Wayne's Lawyer Says He Earned His Money As $20 Million Lawsuit Continues

The rap star has had a big time falling out with his ex-lawyer.

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne's former lawyer is asking a judge to dismiss the rap star's $20 million lawsuit.

Back in January, Wayne filed the action against his ex-lawyer Ronald Sweeney.

The rap star said Sweeney charged him too much of a percentage to close business deals, while allegedly taking 38% of a $10 million settlement Wayne won against his ex-label, Cash Money Records.

Now, Sweeney hitting back in a counter-suit, claiming Lil Wayne is nothing more than an ungrateful client.

Sweeney claims he earned off his money for Lil Wayne, claiming he was on-call for the rap star 24-hours a day.

Ronald Sweeney is asking the judge overseeing the case to toss the lawsuit.