Lil Wayne’s Manager Says Work, Not Drugs Is The Issue

AllHipHop Staff

Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant is disputing claims his client is on any drugs.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Wayne is ignoring doctors and he will get back on the road after a medical scare over the weekend.

According to, Lil Wayne's doctors ordered him to take a break for at least two weeks, after the rapper suffered most multiple seizures in Chicago.

The rapper seemed fine during two back-to-back shows over the weekend, but he was was hospitalized in Chicago and forced to cancel a high-profile Labor Day weekend show at Drai's Beach Club in Las Vegas due to his epilepsy.

However, his manager Cortez Bryant just shut down any reports suggesting that his superstar client is addicted to drugs.

“It has nothing to do with any of those other things, he’s an epeliptic. It’s a disease that he has to deal with the reality this might be the last time you see Lil Wayne having a seizure.”

Bryant also said Wayne was getting back to work immediately.

“He’s a workaholic, that’s what got him to where he is now,” Cortez said of Wayne’s impeccable work ethic. “He’s in the studio all the time trying to make music, get through this situation and give fans what they need. He’s an epileptic, so that’s the reality of it. It’s something we know we are going to have to deal with for the rest of his life.”