Lil Wayne Settles Claim With Birdman Over Drake Royalties

AllHipHop Staff

Their ongoing feud has finally ended.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Like Father, Like Son.

Lil Wayne and Birdman have come to an agreement over Drake royalties.

While the two artists have been on and off with their ongoing feud, it seems they’ve come to terms in regards to cuts from Drizzy’s biggest songs.

The beef was ignited in 2017 when Weezy’s former manager Cortez Bryant (who was a principal of Aspire Music Group alongside Wayne) sued Birdman’s Cash Money Records and Universal Music claiming they were holding out on royalties owed from his music.

Allegedly, both Wayne and Birdman negotiated a deal that gave them a third of the net profits from Drake’s first six projects, along with a share of his copyrights.

Earlier this year, Birdman, real name Bryan Williams, counter-sued the Aspire Music Group founders, calling them out for conspiring with a lawyer to try to gain bigger profit from Drake than what was discussed.

Lil Wayne denied the claims and now it looks like the entire lawsuit has been settled out of court amicably.

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Birdman is totally a POS, and everyone is eating off of Drake. At least for Drake it was only for his first 6 albums, hopefully now he can stop being pimped and he can leave the high heels and mini skirt in the closet...