Lil Wayne Sues His Longtime Lawyer For $20 Million Over Shady Deal Structures

The Young Money boss is trying to get back money from his longtime lawyer.

(AllHipHop News) Lil Wayne is not finished suing his former business associates who messed around with his career.

The rap star just filed a $20 million lawsuit against his ex-lawyer Ronald Sweeney.

Wayne claims the lawyer charged him outrageous fees from 2005 until this past September, for almost 13 years.

According to the lawsuit, Wayne claims Sweeny charged him 10% for every deal he closed, even though industry standard is said to be around 5%.

To make matters worse, Sweeney and a law firm he hired are accused of taking a whopping 38% of a settlement said to be over $10 million, which Wayne received when he settled his lawsuit with Cash Money Records.

Before Wayne and Sweeney parted ways, he is said to have attempted to take 10% of all of Young Money's earnings too.

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