Lil Wyte Readies Sophomore Album

Memphis, Tennessee’s

Lil’ Wyte has announced the title of his first album under a new deal

with 36 Mafia’s Hypnotize Minds/Asylum label deal.

Phinally Phamous

will be the rapper’s sophomore follow up to Doubt Me Now, which

sold almost 130,000 units independently and helped pave the way for his major

label, full length debut.

“It’s like a

dream come true,” Lil’ Wyte said. “It was shocking who it

happened with because Three 6 Mafia are a major influence, they grew up right

around the corner from me. My music comes from the streets, from my life. I’m

one of the rappers that understands the difference between entertainment and

real life.”

The road to his major label

debut was bumpy, but the rapper said he persevered over personal setbacks.

“Friends at school

didn’t want to believe I could rap because I was shutting people down

so hard (in the lunch room rhyme battles,” Wyte reminisced. “It

was only my dedication and devotion that kept me going. I dropped out of school

twice and went back to get my diploma, not just my GED.”

Lil’ Wyte first came

to the attention of producer and label owner Juicy J., also a member of Three

6 Mafia.

“We met Lil’

Wyte in front of the radio station,” Juicy J. recalled. “I get a

lot of demos from artists but I never got a demo from an all white group.”

Juicy J. said he tried to

sign the entire group, but the deal fell apart, so he snagged Lil Wyte.

The first single

on the album is “I Sho Will” and the record is already catching

on at various radio outlets nationwide.

“The fans put Lil’

Wyte in his place and made him successful,” Juicy J. continued. “On

this album Lil’ Wyte has matured and his flow has gotten better.”

Phinally Phamous

is due in stores in 2005.