Lil' Wyte Talks Label, Wyte Wear Clothing

While rapper Lil'

Wyte's own success story is still being written, he's already working on his

own label, Wyte Records and a clothing line, Wyte Wear.

The first group

Lil' Wyte's label will bring out is Thug Therapy, who will make an appearance

on his third release called Third Times the Charm.

"The sound

Thug Therapy has is like nothing I have ever heard and I have known them my

whole life," Wyte told "Thug Therapy have an up north

style with down south slang. They nasty man. [Also] my boy that I grew up in

the hood with, White Boy Deniro. I been down with them 5 and 10 years."

Wyte, who hails

from the Frayser section of Memphis, Tennessee, has plans to bring his Wyte

Wear line of clothing to the masses, regardless of color or gender.

"It's gonna

be s**t for everybody. I'm talking about bathing suits for women, little kids

clothes," Wyte said. "You can't just jump in some s**t, dog. I got

plans right now. This s**t can be a dynasty.

The rapper said

he hoped to land an endorsement deal with Reebok, one of the many companies

that have taken advantage of Hip-Hop's popularity to boost their bottom line.

"I will have

me an 'Icy Wyte Reebok Soldier Classic' endorsement [deal] if I have to go out

in front of their [Reebok's] building. If they could see my closet, it looks

like Fat Joe's closet, but its all Reebok Classics. I'm letting them know, they

need to give me a commercial or something."

Wyte, 22, was discovered

by DJ Paul and Juicy J. The super producers inked him to their Hypnotize Minds


Wyte's debut album

Doubt Me Now sold over 126,000 units when it hit the streets in 2003

and continues to move over 1,200 units a month.

After a look at

Wyte's impressive debut sales, the Warner Music Group signed the rapper to its

new Asylum label for his second effort, Phinally Phamous.

"I want to

be one of the most successful, well respected rappers on this planet,"

Wyte said. "My mind is capable [of getting it]."

Third Times the Charm hits stores in October of 2005.