Lil Xan Talks Getting Advice From Kendrick Lamar

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The Cali neophyte also shares his opinions on drug use.

(AllHipHop News) It appears Kendrick Lamar is embracing his role as a veteran in the Hip Hop game by sharing tips with newcomers. Fellow California-raised performer Diego "Lil Xan" Leanos recently revealed a conversation he had with K. Dot.

"He gave me some advice over the phone, 'cause my manager, Stat Quo, was part of the whole G-Unit sh-t, so he was around Eminem and Kendrick," Xan told Montreality. "Kendrick gave me the best advice on the f-cking phone. He told me how to invest my money, what to do, how to act."

Lil Xan is perhaps best known for his single "Betrayed." The video for the track has over 93 million views on YouTube. Other clips like "Slingshot" and "Far" reached the 15 million view mark on the site.

While his name is a derivative of the drug Xanax, Lil Xan insists his music movement is anti-drug. The Columbia Records signee stated, "My message to the youth is please stop abusing not only Xanax, but dumb sh-t like Ketamine, crack, and heroin. Just stop doing that sh-t. I'm trying to bring a positive message. F-ck Xanax 2018, that's how we're coming in."
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this junkie is such a liar and hypocrite