Lil Yachty Buys His Mom A House

Lil Yachty may have his critics as a rapper, but he sure is a good son and this is why.

(AllHipHop News) Rap newcomer Lil Yachty has made his mother's dreams come true by buying her a new home.

The "Peek A Boo" star, real name Miles McCollum, took to Instagram to share the news with fans by posting a screen shot of a text message he received from his mom after surprising her with the generous gift.

The 20-year-old Georgia native captioned the post using a line from an untitled song on his upcoming Lil Boat 2 album, writing: "Made It Out My Mama's Crib & Bought My Moms A Crib (sic)."

In the message from his excited mother, she exclaimed, "You did it!!!! You bought yo mama a house today for real!!!!! I am so grateful to you for everything you have done for me!!!! Words can not explain how warm my heart is today!!!! You have blessed me beyond measures!!! I love you so much!!!!! Im so humble God picked me to be your Mom (sic)!!!!!"

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I don't mess with his music, but I respect the heck out of that move! I was never able to buy my Moms a house but I did a lot for her once I grew up, and it made me feel awesome to give back to fam who took care of me before I could take care of myself.


Terrible Rapper, Good kid though.