Lil Yachty Gets Political By Saying Trump Doesn't Really Care About A$AP Rocky

Lil Boat says it's sad and depressing that his "big brother" is still locked up overseas.

(AllHipHop News) "I am now political. [And] I now want to be in the House of Representatives. Thank You," tweeted Lil Yachty on Sunday. The Quality Control Music representative had plenty to say about Donald Trump and his stated support for A$AP Rocky.

Trump recently tweeted he was disappointed that Prime Minister Stefan Löfven did not do more to help bring Rocky home from jail in Sweden. That social media post came days after the President claimed he was working to free the Harlem-bred rapper who has since been charged with assault in the foreign nation.

Some Hip Hop fans and political pundits were not buying Trump's sudden backing of A$AP. Apparently, Lil Yachty is one of those skeptics. He discussed his doubt with a paparazzi videographer.

"I don't think that's the way to go about it, the way Trump's handling it," Yachty told the cameraman. "If you gonna do something, then do it. You don't gotta keep telling everybody just do it. You ain't gotta keep tweeting. I feel like he just doing that sh*t so black people will mess with him... I don't think he's doing sh*t either."

Lil Boat added, "Whatever he should be doing, he shouldn't be on the internet about it. I would be in Sweden. But then again, I know for a fact that Donald Trump don't care. He knows this is some points. Like, 'Oh man, I could really win a lot of black people over.' He don't really care though."

The 21-year-old "One Night" rhymer's sentiments reinforced Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's comments about the Trump/Rocky situation. Buttigieg said, "For [Trump] to try and act like this is going to make up for the ways in which his Administration has deepened the problem of racism in this country, I think a lot of people are going to see through that pretty quick."

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He shouldn't have said that about Trump.. Trump has been accused of misusing power on Rocky's case.. is this what he gets in return..