Lil Yachty Lends His Support To New Children's Book

Munson Steed drops new children's book to get kids on the right track and Lil Boat is supportive.

(AllHipHop News) A new book has gotten the attention of Lil Boat. Lil Yachty lent his support of "Little Professor Skye: Favorite Things," a book published by legendary publisher Munson Steed.

In the image, Cleveland Cavaliers star Collin Sexton is also holding a book from Steed, "Little Professor Skye: Sleep Sleep Dream Dream."

Steed said, "When you support Black authors of children’s books, it’s an investment in the future of our community."

The Atlanta resident is also the publisher of Rolling Out magazine, one of the longest running Black owned periodicals. He has been a staple in the community as a respected business man. With books, he's expanding his base skill set, but more importantly - impacting young minds

A Morehouse College graduate, Steed was inspired by his goddaughter to create the Little Professor Skye as a way to free young minds and keep them open to what the world has to offer them. Learn more at