Lil Yachty On Feeling Pressure Making 'How High 2' Film: People Can Suck My D*ck

The Quality Control representative claims he started smoking weed again for the starring role.

(AllHipHop News) One of the most common criticisms of Lil Yachty being selected to lead How High 2 surrounded the fact that the novice actor has admitted he doesn't smoke marijuana. That's a tough sell for some fans because the original How High is a cult classic about two stoners.

Yachty stopped by The Angie Martinez Show to talk about the forthcoming movie. The 21-year-old Atlanta rapper discussed getting high while filming some scenes for the flick.

"It was my first time smoking in like six years," said Lil Boat. "I didn't have to, but I hadn't done it in so long - I didn't want to play a part I didn't know how to play. It was interesting."

When asked about creating a new version of a beloved movie, Yachty added, "I never feel pressure about anything because people can suck my d*ck. That's the point I'm at in life. I've been hated on so much, I don't give a f*ck."

There was also some outrage over the fact that original How High favorites Method Man and Redman were not involved in the sequel. Yachty's co-star, DC Young Fly, recently said, "I'm disappointed [they're not in the movie]... I ain't reach out [to Meth and Red]. Business is business. You just wish people were apart of it."

In addition, Redman explained, "The head of Universal [Pictures] and the people that we were connected with about shooting How High 2, they were unaware. What happened is that a branch that’s under Universal decided [they were] going to shoot this movie. They did not need permission from us because we didn’t own the rights to How High."

The New Jersey rap legend did offer his support for Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly. At the end of his interview with Martinez, Yachty addressed the possibility that How High 2 may not be well received by viewers. He said, "I hope it's good. God, if it's not, people are gonna really kill me. [laughs] They are gonna be on my head. I'm just gonna sit under a blanket for a week. But I think it'll be good. If not... [puts up his middle finger]."

Bruce Leddy is directing How High 2 which is expected to air on MTV in 2019.

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If his acting is as good as his rapping we are in for a real treat! lol