Limited Action Figures Of B.I.G., Public Enemy Coming This Fall

Toy company Mezco

Toyz has announced a set of new action figures honoring slain rapper Notorious

B.I.G. as well as rap icons Public Enemy with 9" replicas of the rappers.

Mezco, founded

in 2000, has produced the first Notorious B.I.G. figure ever released. B.I.G.,

was gunned down in front of the Petersen Automotive Museum in March 1997.

The rapper is featured

in the trademark white cloth suit worn in his last hit video "Hypnotized,"

along with a removable hat, replicated jewelry and a cane, which he was using

due to an accident that shattered his leg shortly before his untimely demise.

Public Enemy also

has been embodied in a 9" action figure. Chuck D. comes with a gold chain,

signature jacket and hat and is featured posing with his fist in the air. Public

Enemy hypeman and rapper Flavor Flav is featured showing off his signature gold

teeth, along with various accessories including his sunglasses and jewelry.

The new dolls come

on the heels of Mezco Toyz' worldwide success with their 2002 run of licensed

Run-DMC dolls that featured Run, DMC and the late Jam Master Jay.

Notorious B.I.G.

and Flavor Flav dolls are expected to begin shipping in fall of 2006 on Mezco

Toyz' official website,