Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland Speaks On Group's Cash Money Debut "Stampede Of the Disco Elephant"

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Since the news broke regarding Limp Bizkit's signing to Cash Money Records in late Febuary, not much has been said from either party on when or what to expect the group's inaugural album with the label.

Some light has finally been shed on the progress of Limp Bizkit's seventh studio album, the tentatively titled Stampede of the Disco Elephant, thanks to guitarist Wes Borland.

Borland told Billboard, "We've got a bunch of songs, and we're not at the point where I can go, 'Yes, the record is starting to form' and see where all of this is going. Right now, we're recording songs, and it's been all over the place as far as what it is we're doing. They don't make sense together yet.

"We're planing on doing songs with them more geared to what they have to offer as far as their producers and what their expectations are for what we're doing," Borland continued. "At the same time all those artists on Cash Money are starting to discover rock and put an electric guitar element into their songs, and I'm really itching to get my foot in the door and be part of that."

To date, the only song that has been heard since Limp Bizkit's signing with Cash Money came in the form of the Lil Wayne-assisted "Ready To Go," which was released in March.

In addition to the update on the group's album, Borland told Billboard that Lil Wayne has already reached out to him about playing on his own forthcoming release, I Am Not A Human Being 2.