Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Foundation To Hold Charity Auction

Five years after her tragic and untimely death Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes is still helping others through the Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Foundation, a foundation created after her death.Lopes' foundation is currently working on raising funds for the newly built Lisa Lopes Orphanage in the Central American country of Honduras and will hold a Celebrity Auction/ Fundraiser on August 18 at Manhattan's 40/40 Club.Lopes first visited Honduras in the late 90's and spent her last few years in the impoverished country in the hopes of creating a non-profit educational and medical center.Sadly, many of the children who reside in the Lisa Lopes Orphanage have lost parents to AIDS and some have also been victims of sexual and physical abuse, but as a result of Lopes' foundation these children will receive free healthcare and schooling.Supporters of the Lisa Lopes Foundation and the Lisa Lopes Orphanage include Lil' Kim, Flava Flav, Todd Bridges, Joe Jackson, Uncle Ralph McDaniels, and Wu-Tang Clan.Tickets to the event range from $75 for the general section to $150 for VIP and 100 percent of the proceeds will go Lopes’ foundation.More information on the fundraiser and Lopes’ foundation can be found at