Little Brother Addresses Vegetarianism and Animal Abuse in PETAWorld Interview

North Carolina rap group Little Brother recently spoke out against animal abuse and discussed their new vegetarian lifestyle.

In an exclusive interview for, the official website of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, rappers Phonte and Big Pooh revealed how they felt better after cutting meat out of their diets.

The two rappers are among a long list of hip-hop artists who have aligned with PETA to fight injustice against animals.

Others include Masta Killa, Dead Prez, Common, Pharrell Williams, Missy Elliot and Russell Simmons.

"I just tried going without meat for one week, and I loved the way I felt without it, so I never went back," said Phonte, who advocated trying new things and eating ethnic foods. "Open your mind to exploring other options. Vegetarianism forces you to do that."

For those considering the vegetarian route, Big Pooh suggested taking it slow and replacing one food at a time to make the transition easier.

The rapper also discussed the mistreatment of pets and advised fans to report any animal abuse they witness.

"If you're not gonna take care of the dog or the cat the way it's supposed to be treated, then don't get it," said Pooh. "Just like people don't need to be abused, animals don't need to be abused either."

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