Little Brother and 9th Wonder "Battle" On Twitter

(AllHipHop News) A war of words broke out on Twitter Saturday between Little Brother and producer 9th Wonder, who is a former producer and founding member in the group.

According to Phonte, a rapper in Little Brother, the issue started when the group attempted to use the last song the former trio recorded as a group on their new album, Leftback LP.

Here is what Phonte said:

Aiight folks, backstory on Star: This was recorded back in '05-06 at Young Guru's crib sometime after the release of Minstrel Show. This was intended for Leftback as an iTunes bonus track but we just got word today that @9thwondermusic doesn't want us to use it for whatever reason, and that's fine. In any event, I'm not gonna let anything or anybody stop me from getting music to my fans. F**k that. Enjoy. And as always, thank you for listening.

After the message, Phonte left a download link to "Star," which was removed as an iTunes bonus song.

9th Wonder soon responded a fan on Twitter.

"Let people talk bro....only if they knew the REAL story," he said to which Phonte responded, "Well, tell your side of it or shut the f**k up."

9th said, "@phontigallo you are NOT a tough guy.......none of us KILL that noise.....and n***as aint shuttin up."

The breakup of the group came after the group's second album and, to which 9th Wonder has largely been quiet.

"Twitterfolk...I have maintained silence on the matter for LONG time..for this reason. I apologize to yall for steppin outta character," the producer said.

The other rapper of Little Brother, Big Pooh, said, "This situation has 2 many layers for an outsiders input to really penetrate the train of thought. I appreciate the comments tho, either way. this aint about money, this aint about women, this aint about music...its about respect, loyalty, and ego."

Eventually, Phonte added a viral video to speak his his peace.

Phonte speaks on Little Brother/9th Wonder from Phonte Coleman on Vimeo.

9th Wonder concluded his statements with, "Please don't feed into this madness yall...real talk....good music will still be made by all of us....."

Pooh echoed those sentiments saying, "We are all grown, nobody is a victim in this situation, nobody."