Live 1999 Public Enemy Album To Go To Highest Bidder


lucky person could walk away with the full rights to their own Public Enemy album,

as a live disc by the legendary group is scheduled to be auctioned off Oct. 26

by Ocean Tomo, an intellectual property asset management firm. The

24-track set was recorded in Helsinki, Finland, during Public Enemy's 1999 European

tour, and is part of a 1992 settlement that arose from a lawsuit in the Supreme

Court of the State of New York.In

1999, Public Enemy producer Hank Shocklee and frontman Chuck D were ordered to

pay PPX Enterprises over $100,000 in back royalties, attorney fees, and accounting

costs over failure to pay royalties."It's

not actually Chuck D that's selling the album," Ocean Tomo's Wendy Chou explained

to "PPX owns the rights, title and interest, and ownership

in this album. Chuck D does not own this album. The person who wins the bid, or

who buys the album will receive the digital master recording, the original artwork,

and all associated rights."The

live album, which features Public Enemy group member and TV star Flavor Flav,

includes renditions of many classic PE songs including "Fight the Power,"

"Bring the Noise," "Can't Truss It," "911 Is a Joke,"

and "Night of the Living Baseheads."PPX

Enterprises is a Manhattan-based production company best known for its 36-year

legal war over early recordings of superstar guitarist Jimi Hendrix that started

shortly after the singer died.Ocean

Tomo will manage the auction of the Public Enemy rights, as well as an auction

by Hendrix, who signed a one-page agreement with the company in 1965.Over

15,000 Hendrix assets will be auctioned off with the Public Enemy live album on

Oct. 26 at the Capitale in New York.