Living Legends Group Members Form CMA

Living Legends group members

The Grouch and Luckyiam are preparing to release their second album together,

as group CMA, Cool Man Association.

The album, titled

All Over, was produced by Eli, The Grouch, J-Thrills and DJ Epik.

“We’ve been

trying to make another album for a few years,” Luckyiam said. “But

we’ve been so busy touring and doing other projects, we just haven’t

had time until now.”

A bunch of emcee’s

lent their talents to All Over, including Rhymesayers Slug and Brother Ali,

Del Tha Funkee Homosapian and Murs.

The first single from the

album is titled “Windows,” a reflective story of their lives, hardships

and success.

CMA’s All

Over hits stores December 14th.