Lizzo Gets Backlash For Name Dropping Future And Swae Lee

Lizzo aired out her frustrations of not being included in the rap convo.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Lizzo is here to make sure the people know she loves Future and Swae Lee.

The pop singer recently caught some backlash after name-dropping the two hip-hop artists in a tweet where she attempted to prove her worth in the rap game.

She wrote, “Sometimes I get pissed that there are people who call future & swae lee rappers and still question whether or not I belong in the rap conversation… But then I remember I have the #4 song in the country, laugh, go back to my dream job and log off."

Of course, the Future Hive was not having it.

One Twitter user did not hold back on going in on Lizzo, claiming he didn’t even now she made music.

Regardless, many took her tweet the wrong way assuming she was coming for the Atlanta rapper and Rae Sremmurd member.

After deleting her tweet, she followed it up, "I forgot that the internet is not the place for my emotions anymore ----‍♀️ I love everybody goodnight.”

But before hitting the sack, the “Truth Hurts” artist had to make things REAL clear.

She states, "I LOVE future & swae bruhhhhhh... the point went straight over y’alls heads...I’m just saying we all share a similar rap sing style...," Lizzo tweeted, adding that people should listen to Swae's "Sunflower" and Future's "The Wizrd."

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And hoe many hits she have? Rapper? Uh what?


Who the hell is she never heard of her till now


she ain't lie