Lizzo Reflects On An Unbelievable Decade Of Highs and Lows

AllHipHop Staff

Lizzo inspired her fans with a message explaining how she persevered and believed in her music career, despite obstacles.

(AllHipHop News) Lizzo saw out the last decade with an inspiring message to fans, reminding them she was homeless and mourning her late father 10 years ago.

Shortly after acknowledging she was among the performers on ex-President Barack Obama's list of favorite 2019 songs, the "Juice" hitmaker served up a note for her followers on social media, reminding them all that nothing is impossible.

Posting a side-by-side photo of herself 10 years apart on Twitter she wrote: "2009 was the year my daddy died. 2009 was the year I lived in my car & cried myself to sleep on thanksgiving. 2019 is the year my album & song went #1 (number one). 2019 is the year I told my mama I can buy her a house.

"Anything can happen in a decade. Tomorrow is the beginning of ur (your) Anything."

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