LL, Chuck D. Take It To Capitol Hill

LL Cool J and Chuck

D. will speak along side music industry executives and technology experts will

appear on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to speak about downloading music and

copyright issues.

The panel, titled

The Privacy & Piracy: The Paradox of Illegal File Sharing on Peer-to-Peer

Networks and the Impact of Technology on the Entertainment Industry, will focus

on the impact file sharing has had on the recording industry.

Senator Orrin G.

Hatch, Senator Barbara Boxer, Mitch Bainwol, the Chairman & CEO of the RIAA,

representatives from Kazaa, Altnet, college professors and a woman who is being

sued by the RIAA will all testify.

Some professors

are recommending more public service announcements explaining why downloading

and file sharing is an issue and that lawsuits targeting consumers cannot stop

the trend.

Some are suggesting

lowering the price of CD's, increasing the quality of music and talent that

is released, adding extra songs on releases and other incentives for consumers

to start purchasing CD's again.