LL Cool J Dispels Plastic Surgery Rumors

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper/Actor LL Cool J has responded to the more recent speculation that his toned body may have been sculpted by the hands of a plastic surgeon.

In recent months, there has been considerable buzz and press reports in mainstream Hip-Hop magazines concerning the buff rapper’s physique and even allegations that the rapper had a nose job.

The thirtysomething rapper said it’s all just hard work and passively rebuked excessive surgical enhancements.

“At the end of the day, you will ruin your life doing that,” LL told AllHipHop.com. “But I don’t want to judge anybody that wants to get plastic surgery.”

LL said that regular workouts and weight lifting keep him looking young, healthy and fit.

“With me, they want to say ‘Oh LL he must have done steroids.’ No, you gotta work hard, B. You sitting there with a Twinkie in your mouth talking about I take steroids – no,” he exclaimed. “I work hard. I’m in the gym. It’s real.”

During the interview, LL rolled up his shirt and revealed a scar, which he says comes from a surgeon, but not one that specializes in cosmetic improvement.

“I didn’t get this scar [from plastic surgery]; this is my appendix [which was removed]. I got my appendix taken out. If they are going to sprinkle my appendix throughout my body to give me muscles, ok.”

And for those that seek a hard toned body, LL revealed his workout process.

“I am home working out at 2 in the morning when everybody is sleep or at the club. I’m doing a thousand sit ups and I’m [lifting] 315 pounds, doing pull-ups, back and abs, dips and squats,” he said.

As for the nose job, LL said that he isn’t taking the route of certain contemporary counterparts.

“Somebody said I had a nose job or something and that right there, that’s so funny to me. It’s comedy, but let’s be serious,” he said.

Being a public figure, he said he’s developed an immunity to such allegations.

“What am I gonna do? Slice my wrists over what five people say? What about the people that said something good? I have a thick skin,” he concluded.

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