LL Cool J Is A Free Agent

LL Cool J will drop his final album in a ten

album deal with Def Jam. Cool J, who has been signed to Def Jam for the entire

span of his career and was the first artist to release a record on the Def Jam

logo, is a free agent after his album, 10 drops.

His first album, Radio, was also Def Jam's

first album to ever be released. "I sent my demo to many different companies,

but it was Def Jam where I found my home," LL said. "I consider this

disc to be a milestone in my life. A tenth album for anybody is truly an amazing


The 33 year old two time Grammy Award winner

told CDNow that he hopes to re-sign with Def Jam."My association with Def

Jam has been good to me. I'm very thankful, and when I look back, I wouldn't

have it any other way."

Almost two years ago, LL set the hip-hop community

a buzz by mentioning that he planned on leaving his long time label after he

released his tenth album. "It's not any bad blood. It's not negative. It's

not like I hate them or they hate me. We did what we did for a very long time.

You gotta grow."

Island Def Jam's CEO, Lyor Cohen said LL was

one of the most important artists of his generation. "He created a valuable

brand in himself, catapulted Def Jam into the finest urban brand and proved

once and for all rappers can have sustainable careers. I deeply appreciate his

tenacity and artistic creativity. I wish LL success and happiness as he continues

his journey , wherever that may be," Cohen said in December of 2000.

"Even though I'm a free agent now, I still

feel loyalty. Hopefully, me and Def Jam can get together and think up something

for the future," LL said in the recent interview with CDNow.