LL Cool J Launching Upscale Clothing Line

LL Cool J will enter the arena of fashion with a new upscale clothing line called

James Todd Smith, his real name.

“I am going

to do upscale, sexy clothing and create jobs for the community,” LL told

AllHipHop.com. “Every time I go around I hear ‘yo I need a job.’

They will have to be qualified for it but at least I can provide jobs, even

if it is two jobs, that is better then no jobs.”

The retailers that

carry the line will be picked by Cool J himself, to ensure the exclusivity of

the line, which will include button ups, suits, t-shirts, jeans and what the

veteran labeled “classy gear.”

“It is going

to be hot and people are gonna want to be involved in it,” LL said confidently.

“So we pick the retailer that we feel right about it being at, so that

we can keep stimulating that growth.”

LL said that he

is attempting to present a few pieces at the annual MAGIC convention next week,

a fashion industry trade show that draws over 3,000 manufacturers showcasing

more than 5,000 brands.

In related news,

LL will serve as a presenter at MTV’s 2004 Video Music Awards show, which

takes place August 29th in Miami.