LL Cool J Offers Barack Advice; Pres Subject Of New Documentary

AllHipHop Staff

Barack Obama may face many challenges as the country's newest President, but LL Cool J has a bit of advice for the new Commander in Chief.

In an open letter to Obama, the rap icon congratulates the politician on attaining his new position while acknowledging the tough road that lies ahead.

“The next chapter of your life has begun,” Cool J wrote. “The toughest decisions you will ever have to make lie in front of you. Decisions that will require you to choose between integrity and necessity enact the promises made to millions of people and recognize a change in perspective that will sometimes make those promises impossible to keep. Only you will be able to make those choices.”

Cool J’s letter comes as Obama settles into his first full week in office.

The former Chicago senator is currently trying to gain approval on an $825 billion economic stimulus package to help the country come out of the current recession.

According to reports, Obama says the plan will create up to 4 million new jobs over the next two years.

“You have shifted the cultural paradigm of America, but now you have to live up to the ideal that fostered the shift and work to ensure that the paradigm doesn't shift back. You must deliver."

In related news, Barack Obama’s historic run for the presidency of the United States is the focus of a new full-length political DVD documentary from Veridicus Films.

Narrated by award-winning actor Blair Underwood, Barack Obama: The Man and his Journey, examines the workings of change in America through Obama and his experience in becoming President.

Insights from Martin Luther King III, comedian George Lopez and actor Hill Harper are featured on the 88-minute DVD as well as appearances from radio jock Tom Joyner, Roland Martin and Robert Kiyosaki.

In addition to interviews and observations, The Man and his Journey will contain never-before-seen video as well as key moments from the 2008 primaries and general election.

The music of R&B vocalist Brian McKnight is featured on the DVD in the form of “Yes We Can,” a previously unreleased original song inspired by Obama’s historic victory.

Barack Obama: The Man and his Journey is available in stores now.