LL Cool J Reinvents Himself, New Movie To Hit Theaters

With 10 albums and 23 films in the books, it would seem difficult for a person to consistently reinvent himself and

keep things fresh. Apparently, LL Cool J has no problems in that department.

His latest movie, "Deliver Us From Eva," hits theaters nationwide

tomorrow(Feb. 7), alongside other notable talent as Gabrielle Union, Duane Martin,

Meagan Good, Robinne Lee, Dartaynian Edmunds and Mel Jackson.

Albeit that this is LL's first leading role,

he said he said he felt no pressure and willingly accepted the challenge.

"You feel anxiety and nervous because you

want to deliver, but at the same time, I'm there to do a job, so I got to work

on it and stay focused," LL told Allhiphop.com. "I

just went in and did what I had to do."

The veteran rapper explained his take on the current

state of the music business. "The music business as a whole

is not in a healthy state. People download a million of your albums, and you'll

sell six or 700,000 copies, and people will look at your Soundscan wondering

what happened. You got 1.7 million albums in the marketplace, but most of them

was free."

Still LL said he has no plans to slow down and outlined his upcoming projects. He is currently filming a new movie and is working

on a children's book.

"I'm not a politician, I'm not a pastor,

and I don't want to be shoved into that position, but on the flipside of that,

I will make a children's book and do the things that I feel are good for the

youth and good for my community because that's what's in my heart."

His current album, 10 is currently in stores and his latest duet with Jennifer Lopez, "All I Have" tops the Billboard singles chart.