LL Cool J Shuts Down Rock The Bells Festival And Gets Their Trademarks & Socials

The rap star just won a big battle with the "Rock The Bells" festival, which will be no more.

(AllHipHop News) LL Cool J has won his lawsuit against a festival promoter, blocking them from using the name of his track Rock The Bells.

The rap legend sued Guerilla Union, Inc., the promoters of the Rock the Bells hip-hop festival last year, claiming their attempts to trademark the name of their event were an effort to cash in on the popularity of his 1985 song of the same name.

Although no Rock the Bells events have been held since 2013, he claimed its promoters attempted to register the term for use for commercial purposes in violation of a 2017 decision to cancel their trademarks after he filed a complaint to U.S. authorities.

A judge recently granted the musician and actor, real name James Todd Smith, a default judgment against Guerilla Union.

The judge ordered the company to immediately transfer all control of social media accounts, website domains, and other intellectual property and granted LL's bid for an injunction stopping them from ever using "Rock The Bells" or anything similar to his other marks.

Rock the Bells is one of LL's most famous early tracks, and he used the title as the name of his SiriusXM channel, Rock The Bells Radio.

The hip-hop festival of the same name was founded by Guerilla Union boss Chang Weisberg in 2004, and was hugely successful, spawning a U.S. tour.

Acts including the Wu-Tang Clan, Rage Against the Machine, and Snoop Dogg all headlined Rock the Bells events.

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