LL Endorses Controversial Governor

LL Cool J announced that he was endorsing two-time

New York Governor George Pataki against Democratic candidate H. Carl McCall.

"The world that I come from, a lot of people

aren't interested in politics, quite frankly," LL said. "After seeing

how the governor handled the 9/11 situation, seeing what happened in this city

... I decided, you know what? I'm going to vote; I'm going to register. This

will be the first gentleman I vote for."

Pataki said that he was a fan of LL Cool J and

said that he consider him a good role model. "I think it's just incredible

the way that someone who is an entertainer, a superstar the magnitude of LL

Cool J, cares about his community," Pataki said.

Pataki is at the head of a storm of controversy

surrounding educational budget cuts in the state of New York. Russell Simmons,

P.Diddy and others have been very vocal about their opposition to Pataki and

both have issued public statements supporting McCall.

"It's not about parties, it's not about

race, it's not about what's cool or not cool, it's about action and it's about

people stepping up," Cool J. said.