Lloyd Banks Helps Mom After Heartattack; Rapper Focused On G-Unit LP

G-Unit’s new album Terminate On Sight is a return to the rap game of sorts for group member Lloyd Banks, as the album marks the rapper's first official release since 2006's album Rotten Apple.

According to Banks, who dropped out of the spotlight shortly after Rotten Apple was released, family issues prevented him from being 100 percent focused on promoting the album.

"Prior to that my mother, she was in and out the hospital [due to a heart attack]," Banks revealed to AllHipHop.com. "I was doin’ promos and interviews and some s**t like that and she had the first heart attack and I was there you know what I’m sayin."

The rapper went back to promoting his album when his mother suffered a second, more severe heart attack.

"I actually had to get her into the ambulance…so this is going on before I gotta make my way into Manhattan. The album came out the 10th, I got the call on the 27th."

Additionally, Banks said he was disenfranchised with the state of the music business, as well as the way Rotten Apple was being received by critics and fans alike.

"I wasn’t happy about the way the music was received and I was on promo and I was dealing with a lot," Banks continued. "There was resistance that I was being shown, to the plain eye and I was dealing with that. Those are the reasons that had me a little disgusted about the game. I was watching the s**t go on and it was confusing and then all this [his mother’s health] on top of it just made me not even want to even be part of that s**t for a good minute."

Banks also responded to Game’s recent comment and prediction that like former G-Unit members The Game and Young Buck, he too would eventually leave 50 Cent’s G-Unit collective.

"People always say where would you be without 50," Banks told AllHipHop.com. "I don’t think about s**t like that. That discredits all [the] work that I really did, the s**t is over my head."

G-Unit’s Terminate On Sight is due in stores July 1.

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