Lloyd Banks Talks Internet Leaks

Because of an online internet leak, Interscope Records, 50 Cent and the G-Unit have decided to move their album Beg For Mercy up to November 14, the same day as the Jay-Z’s Black Album.

Lloyd Banks, one of the founding members of G-Unit, explained that he heard of the leak as he and the group toured in support of the project.

“I was in Detroit and I got word that they leaked the albums - the Black Album and our album in the internet. It had got leaked the night before [the Detroit tour date] so that meant the bootleggers are gonna be out [selling it] in the next two days,” Banks told AllHipHop.com

50 Cent, whose last album hit the internet early, said he anticipated that the CD would get leaked because of his current stature in the game.

“What can you expect when you’re the hottest rapper around? The streets are used to gettin’ my music the unconventional way. So if they want it why not give ‘em the real deal as soon as you can. Why make ‘em wait?” 50 Cent said through his label.

But, Banks also realized the duality of the leak as it pertained to himself.

“The bootlegging this is a problem to a certain extent. My career has been built on the bootleg. It might help us. I mean, if I had a computer and I was in their position, I would probably do it too,” he said.

“There is no guarantee [on the quality of music]. The last five albums [the consumer] bought, they probably got ripped off. They are going to listen to the records [from the internet] and they'll go back and get the real one. I'm not really sweating it.”

Banks also wasn’t sweating the prospect of going head-to-head with Jay-Z’s last hurrah. In fact, he said he didn’t believe that it was going to be the last one for the living legend.

“I dont believe that [its going to be his last album]. I think his next album is going to be called Turn The Lights On,” Banks joked. “Jay was supposed to come out on the 28th [of November]. He moved up to the 14th and we got the same date. Its cool.”

As a bonus, four versions of Beg For Mercy will contain “Golden Tickets” that will bless the winner with their own diamond studded spinning G Unit medallion valued at $12,500. The tickets will only be included in the first million of the album.