Lloyd Banks' Tour Bus Crashes

G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks was traveling to a performance on Sunday (Sept 12), when his tour bus driver lost control of the massive vehicle and crashed on Route 88 in West Virginia.

According to NBC station WTOV in Ohio, the rapper was headed towards Bethany College when the bus went over a hill and wrecked.

Of the 26 people on the bus, no serious injuries were reported as the transport landed upright.

"The passenger side tire dropped off the right roadway edge, and grabbed the bus and pulled it off the road. The bus driver did a good job by slowing the bus down, and the bus ended up over the hill on all 8 tires," said Larry Palmer, a representative of the Brooke County Sheriff's Department.

Palmer said there is a challenging effort ahead to get the bus out of its current position.

Lloyd Banks and the rest of his entourage managed to get to Bethany College for the scheduled performance. Authorities will continue to investigate what caused the crash.